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Tips to Prevent Employee Burnout with Corporate Gift Cards

Ways to relieve your staff's stress includes communication, giving corporate gift cards & more.

Ways to relieve your staff's stress includes communication, giving corporate gift cards & more.

Fatigue management in the workplace has gotten more attention these days as employers start to take employee mental health seriously. Taking care of your employees’ mental health can increase productivity, performance and retention, so it’s a win-win! 

So how can employers reduce stress in the workplace?

Here are some creative ways (including giving corporate gift cards, engaging in open communication and more) to reduce stress at work whether you’re an employer doing it for your team, or an employee yourself.


Encourage communication

Employers should make sure their employees are being heard. Since they are doing the groundwork day in and out, they often have insightful feedback about increasing the company’s efficiency in certain operations. Set aside some time to chat with them about their work and mental health!

Communication can have a significant impact on the company’s overall morale and productivity, especially when your output directly depends on specific software or tools. When you talk to employees, you can find out bottlenecks in their workflows.

No one likes having to waste time on a machine that was supposed to make their lives easier! Equipment performance can have significant impacts on employee productivity and morale, and it can quickly lead to burnout because everyone is unnecessarily spending time on slow processes.

Solving this problem can alleviate work-related stressors tremendously, so employers should seriously consider upgrading their equipment and software wherever possible. This is a straightforward work-safe fatigue management solution that could potentially give an immediate boost to employee wellbeing.

encourage communication corporate gift cards

Talking to your team about their day-to-day helps with fatigue and stress management in the workplace because you can catch problems soon and re-delegate workloads before productivity drops from employee burnout. Employers can also quickly identify triggers for stress in the workplace and determine if these problems can be mitigated.

Learn more about your team’s likes and dislikes and you just might discover their quirks and interests. This makes it much easier to know what gifts to reward them with, especially something that they would use and enjoy.

Open communication can also lead to a closer and more cohesive team. Look to implement a mentorship program that allows staff to have one-on-one time with their mentee, that fosters a deeper relationship and a safe space for them to open up and communicate.



Mentorship can be a key way to promote interconnection between team members as well as encourage knowledge transfer across the team.

More on How to Build a Cohesive Team → 

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Self-care/ Relaxation day

How can employees begin to manage stress for themselves? Well, everyone should be encouraged to take proper rest during non-working days. After a productive week, having a self-care weekend doing non-work-related activities will refresh your mind and help you be more alert and creative during the work week. 

If you want to reward your employees, Amazon corporate gift cards are great for your employees to buy something to treat themselves. Book your employees a day at the spa, or treat their family to a meal somewhere nice. You can also search for the best corporate gift cards online, they make corporate gift cards for employees too!

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Have a hobby

Having hobbies and circles outside of work will greatly increase your overall satisfaction in life. It gives you something to look forward to, expands your network, and you have a chance to develop more skills. If you’re wondering how to deal with work stress and anxiety, the simple cure could be having more circles and activities outside of work. You’ll meet more people who could offer you great advice, and you’d be able to contribute to your hobby circle. If your hobby is a sport, you’ll get the added benefit of keeping your body healthy.

Employers, if you know that your employee is passionate about a certain hobby, get them corporate branded gift cards related to their hobby. You can send gift cards online so they can spend it however they want, which is a convenient option for all.

Change up the routine

Take some time off work to do something new. It gives you something to look forward to, and you’ll come back with great memories- even if you didn’t like it, you’d be back with a story to tell! If you are unable to take time off work, we recommend a short staycation during the weekend, or even a simple movie after work can give you a quick reset. New restaurant down the road? Make a reservation to try it with your loved one!

Employers, if you need strategies for managing stress in the workplace, ask your team if they would like a change in routine. If you have a great communication channel with them, you’ll be able to keep a finger on the pulse – are they bored? Or are they happy with the routine? A few conversations with your people will give you an idea. You could even organise stress management programs for employees if you think it could benefit your team. While there are no work-all fatigue management guidelines, common sense and treating your team with healthy respect will go a long way.

There are also Australian gift cards available where you can buy corporate gift cards online as a treat for your team to reward them for their hard work, or so you all can enjoy a new experience together. It could be as simple as trying out a new restaurant together for lunch!


If you like shopping, celebrate that successful sale with something you’ve always wanted! We won’t encourage overspending, of course, but if you can afford to treat yourself, why not? As a reward for their hard work, employers can also gift employees corporate e-gift cards- you can purchase Australian gift cards online as a thank you for their time and effort. Some sites let you purchase corporate services gift cards and you can even decide the brands to include.

Custom Corporate Gift Cards in Australia

If you’re looking for corporate gift card ideas, or just looking to buy gift cards online for your team, we suggest GIFTA, which is a one-stop solution to digital gift cards in Australia. The corporate prepaid cards are completely digital in the GIFTA app, which is much more convenient as it acts as a gift card shop – gone are the days of expired corporate gift cards!

GIFTA offers online gift cards so you can purchase gift cards online to reward your team with something they can enjoy outside work.

With 100+ merchants to choose from, you can even select GIFTA cards by genre – Good Food, Entertainment, Travel and more! This means you can tailor the corporate visa gift cards to your employee’s interests, and they’ll be more likely to find the electronic gift card you gifted them useful. GIFTA is the ultimate gift card corporate solution for a happier, more productive team. 

Whether it’s part of your employee health programme or a special gift for a few of your staff members, corporate gift cards can be the perfect gift for everyone, as there’s something for everyone. Get in touch with GIFTA’s friendly and helpful team to get started with your custom branded gift cards today.

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