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Strategies for Effective Team Building and How to Build a Cohesive Team

Here are all the most effective team-building strategies that will switch things up and leave you with a cohesive team. And here’s how GIFTA’s custom corporate gift cards can help.

Here are all the most effective team-building strategies that will switch things up and leave you with a cohesive team. And here’s how GIFTA’s custom corporate gift cards can help.

Teamwork is really all about doubling down and focusing on the team: building people is vital for achieving success, but that doesn’t mean that it’s boring, A tight-knit, high-performing and cohesive team is the thing you’re after, the question you’re really asking is how to build an effective team. With more and more companies switching to some form of remote working, a growing question can also be on the matter of building an effective global business team.

If teamwork is your goal, this is the definitive list to be looking at if you’re tired of blog posts that spend all their word space on basic strategies for effective team building.

1. Encourage mentorship

Mentorship can be a key way to promote interconnection between team members as well as encourage knowledge transfer across the team. Having a solid mentor/mentee program also tends to be a way to organically foster inclusivity opportunities and diversify groups within the team. How does an effective team leader build trust? Through wise delegation, recognising the strengths of the people you manage, and releasing them to achieve new heights and goals.

Having the option of a mentorship program can also provide an avenue for people to explore relevant insights to their career goals and open up space to explore different roles and forms of leadership.

2. Celebrate all the small wins

This simple strategy can be a highly effective tool towards effective team building in the workplace when fully honed. Celebrating the wins of your people in every aspect of the day-to-day job can play a major role in cultivating a cross-functional team. There are also added benefits to having openings for team members to celebrate each other, as this will only further strengthen relationships and the positive emotions associated with them. This can be achieved through things like encouraging message boards, harnessing the company’s newsletter, or even through corporate e-gift cards.

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3. Go on corporate work retreats (this will help to double down on people’s strengths!)

Part of making your team as strong as it can be is knowing how to acknowledge the differences in each member and yes, stop pigeonholing everyone to fit a specific mold. In order to gain traction as a whole, it’s important for each teammate to feel ownership over what they bring to the table, and their individual contributions are uniquely theirs.

This has value, and this value is typically understated within corporate organizations. Organizing work retreats, staycations, or weekends away can be a highly successful method of sparking natural relationships and allow you to potentially uncover new, different sides of your employees.

4. Incorporating gamification & the social experience

Recognising and appreciating the hard work your employees put in every day is an important part of the feedback loop that keeps the wheels of a healthy team dynamic rolling. If you’ve pondered the question of “are team building exercises effective?”, considering gamification might put a different spin on your idea of team bonding activities. Incorporating gamification in the workplace can encourage engagement amongst your team members, as well as improve overall employee satisfaction.

Gamification in the workplace can look like incorporating activity-based training, and other game elements to otherwise standard workplace routines. Creating healthy “lightly” competitive games for your team to participate in can often be a good motivational booster. Identifying a good reward scheme is crucial to gamification that leads toward building and leading effective teams.

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