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5 Tips on Building Positive Workplace Culture

GIFTA introduces corporate gift cards like you’ve never known them before. Send digital gift cards Australia-wide with a single click of a button, and open your employees up to the choice of hundreds of top brands.

GIFTA introduces corporate gift cards like you’ve never known them before. Send digital gift cards Australia-wide with a single click of a button, and open your employees up to the choice of hundreds of top brands.

Long gone are the times where building a thriving workplace culture could be seen as an afterthought; a goal that was left to be accomplished only when all the deliverables have been delivered, and key performance indicators smashed through the roof. In the market we live in, your company’s shared set of values and beliefs plays a crucial role as the backbone of recruitment, employee retention, and positive customer image. Customers have started caring more about your company’s employee reviews online and on social media now more than ever, and the very idea of having a transparent and happy workforce is a big plus in clients’ eyes. More than that, having employees that feel well-aligned, accepted, and appreciated as individuals is vital to the health of the organisation - and as a direct result, vital to your overall performance. And it doesn’t have to be a strenuous uphill battle, the straightforward truth is that building a positive culture can be as simple as gifting digital gift cards.

Workplace culture is a defining factor of what makes a company a good one. Fulfilled employees mean employees that strive not only toward individual growth but for overall success in the company. Improving teamwork, boosting morale, and making the office a better place to work in reduces stress and takes the burden off the weekday workload.

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Values and culture are often closely linked, but if values are the heart of the company, culture is the undercurrent that guides the way people understand their work, and consequently understand how best to contribute to the company and strive to achieve beyond the baseline. While being pleasant and accepting as individuals of the company certainly play a big role in this, companies that spend time and effort into planning and organising ways to achieve this goal often reap the most benefit. Here are some of the top ways that you can build up your own company culture:

  • Promote diversity & inclusivity - A healthy and happy culture is one where everyone feels welcomed, and everyone feels like a part of the team, and one of the ways that this can be achieved is by promoting a strong sense of inclusivity and diversity. Diversity on your teams can mean only good things – after all, you’ll gain the benefits that come with different ideas, mindsets, and perspectives. Forming a committee that organises inclusivity activities and works to include diversity as a major part of recruitment processes can play a big role in a well-rounded culture.
  • Put importance on mental and physical health and wellbeing - Emphasising and placing your team’s health (whether it be mental or physical) at the forefront of your priorities helps keep your people refreshed and ready to take on new challenges and workloads. With working environments getting more fast-paced (and stressful) than ever, mental and physical health is quickly becoming one of the most important factors. This can look like holding mindfulness and wellbeing workshops, allowing for humour and fun breaks in the office, and organising team-get together and picnics.

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  • Besides giving feedback to employees, encourage employee feedback and implement it - Feedback is a two-way street, and feedback that actually works, works best when the company is not only dishing it out but taking it back in. Your people are the engine of what drives your company, and it’s important to keep evolving and growing, and what better way to do so than with guidance from the voices that matter most? Not only will you gain new insights into potential areas to work on, but you’ll also allow employees to feel heard and their opinions valued.

  • Set clear goals and expectations - People work better when there’s a goal to work toward. Running without a clear marker in sight is more often than not, running blind. Setting clear goals for individuals and departments to achieve is a great way to keep your employees motivated and engaged, ensuring that expectations are kept in check on both sides, leaving as little room as possible for dissension and frustration. Having tangible results they can work toward is also a great motivational factor to work toward, and works even better when paired with thriving employee rewards and recognition programs. This leads us to our next point…

  • Employee rewards and recognition programs - Corporate recognition programs (AKA: how can something so simple come with so much added benefit?). This tried and tested way of boosting engagement, retention, and satisfaction all in one fell swoop relies heavily on acknowledging and rewarding the achievements and goals of your team. One easy way to do this is through digital gift cards. Nothing expresses gratitude and care for your employees quite in the same way as corporate gift cards do. Reward work anniversaries, goal achievements, and pretty much anything you want with a digital gift card that grants them access to over hundreds of Australia’s top brands. Fully personalised and gives them the freedom of choice? Bonus.

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