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Valuable Employee Incentive Programs For Your Team

Employee incentive programs are specially designed to maximise engagement and team spirit, and the way it’s done varies from company to company.

Employee incentive programs are specially designed to maximise engagement and team spirit, and the way it’s done varies from company to company.

When it comes to a successful business model, having your people at the heart of it is pretty much the golden rule. Incentive programs play a big role when it comes to boosting motivation and loyalty, and no surprise there; it’s been an age-old truth that celebrating both the big wins and the smaller ones grows a culture that’ll pay off big time. When thinking of incentives you don’t only have to think cash – companies have changed up the game with tons of rewards attributed to non-cash incentives like digital gift cards, fun novelty gifts, and social recognition schemes.

The task of keeping your employees driven and inspired falls heavily upon the shoulders of employee satisfaction. People like being (and feeling) seen, so giving your team tangible benefits for their very real achievements can go the extra mile in expressing your gratitude – and subsequently in motivating them to keep doing their best work. We’ve all been there, and knowing that the work you’ve broken your back for and spent countless hours on is acknowledged is pretty much one of life’s best feelings. Employee incentive programs help do just that.

Employee incentive programs are specially designed to maximise engagement and team spirit, and the way it’s done varies from company to company. While the incentives themselves are different, suiting various needs across the board, the end goal is always the same: to appreciate people and reward their achievements.

Employee Incentive Programs

There are a few different categories of incentivisation and here are some of the ways you can kick start rewarding your employees:

Types of employee incentives: 

  • Recognition & Rewards – Never underestimate the role recognition plays in a successful employee incentive program. Frequent, sincere, and timely recognition works wonders to boost engagement and productivity and is regularly cited by employees as a compelling staying factor. Words of affirmation, celebrating each month’s outstanding employees, and promoting achievements via social media can go a long way.

    Rewards-wise, digital or physical gift cards let your employees take the reins, making the reward a fully personalised one that goes far beyond keyrings and company swag (though we do love those!). Digital corporate gift cards are easy to send, fully customisable, and a treat for both parties, and with GIFTA the process is easier than ever. Pick from hundreds of top brands across the country, and send a card to anyone Australia-wide with a single click.

  • Professional development – Investing in your employees is always a good idea, and when your team members feel your genuine care in helping them develop as a person, that’s always a great incentive for them to stay focused on the vision. Learning and development programs are a great way to do this, and you can either create your own programs or take advantage of the many available ones. Train them in a variety of skills from practising mindfulness and time management, dealing with stress and confrontation, and even technical software like Adobe and Excel.

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Digital Corporate Gift Cards for Employee

  • Health & Wellness – Healthy employees are happy employees, and splurging on their health for them is always a welcome reward. A healthy work-life balance is integral to maintaining peak productivity and preventing burnout and promoting a healthy culture of physical wellness in your company goes a long way in fostering a flourishing working environment. With GIFTA’s corporate gift cards, you can easily do this and more, so treat your employees to a massage from Endota Spa, or to health products from the likes of OPSM and Big W all in a single card. 
  • Fun gifts – Giving your staff something to look forward to can be as simple as having fun gifts and novel reasons for celebrating. Seemingly random and spontaneous gifts can be a great way to show your employees that you care – both about them and about fun. Come up with company-wide holidays (work anniversaries, employees and bosses days) and celebrate them with different gifts and events like a special catered taco lunch for international taco day. 
  • Extra vacation time/time off – In avoiding employee burnout and making sure your team comes back to work feeling refreshed, prioritising your employee's mental health and wellbeing is a given. Time off and vacation days are a big part of this, and they help buoy your employee’s work-life balance along to a steady above-water float. Offering extra time-off gives your employees the flexibility they need for down-time and is often a stellar incentive option. 
Employee Incentive Gift Card

GIFTA: making employee incentive programs bigger and better.

With so many different ways of offering incentives and rewards for meeting goals, it can be hard to find a gift that’s personalised and convenient, yet useful and offers the flexibility of choice. GIFTA’s corporate gift cards make a great addition to any employee incentive program, and with hundreds of brands across multiple different categories, you’ll find a gift that suits any need from health and wellness to home and entertainment.

At GIFTA, our goal is to provide you with effortless customisation and gifting in one seamless, perfect delivery. Personalise the gift with your company logo, message, and a video greeting. A single click sets up your personalised corporate portal where you can manage and track all your digital gift cards in one place, and when you throw in guaranteed instant delivery and no cut-off dates or deadlines– you’ve got the perfect employee incentive gift card.

With GIFTA, you can send online gift cards Australia-wide, and they’ll be delivered in no time at all via text message and email. We’ve also got a 24/7 support team available round-the-clock to help you out. Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and click “Create Instant Account” to get started right away. Get in touch with us here if you’ve got any questions and happy gifting!

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