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Why You Should Go Digital for Your Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are one of the most effective customer retention and client appreciation schemes around…when done right.

Corporate gifts are one of the most effective customer retention and client appreciation schemes around…when done right.

Corporate gifts are one of the most effective customer retention and client appreciation schemes around…when done right. A good gift mixes in personalisation, gratitude, and a reason for your recipient to stick around all in one, but with so many options out there it’s hard to know what to pick. Let’s not even get started on picking the right gift to suit everyone on your team or all of your biggest clients. Most of the time, there seems to be an interesting dichotomy between customised and effortless gifting, but we’ve found that the answer has been under our noses all along. Digital gift cards: the solution to seamless corporate gifting that achieves everything you want it to – and brings massive value to the table. 

The main question most people would have been: why go digital? Digital gifting takes away a huge portion of the stress involved, and anyone who’s bought company gifts before knows just how stress there really can be. Corporate gifting is as most good things are, and doesn’t come without difficulties in and of itself. For starters, there’s the hurdle of deciding what to get that’ll suit the diverse range of people you’re buying for, and the delivery worries and cut-off dates that follow close by.

Corporate Gifting

A fully customisable gifting experience that’s so easy, you’ll barely have to do anything.

Buying gifts for team members and clients across Australia is no easy feat, and tons of planning and hours can be saved when you gift with GIFTA. Send, order, track and manage all of your Australian gift cards in one space and your recipients will receive them via email and text message in seconds. You don’t even have to do mental acrobatics to calculate postage times and worry about snail-mail mixups. Order gift cards in advance or send them instantly Australia-wide with 100% guaranteed delivery and peace of mind.

When you send gift cards with us, you’ll also get your very own personalised company gift cards portal with just a single click, and a full support team ready to help you out at any time of the day. That’s what we call a big win.

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In a world where most things have been digitised, the concept of gift cards isn’t a new one but is one that seems to have been written off as largely impersonal and mostly useless. GIFTA aims to flip that notion on its head. With GIFTA’s full customisable digital gift cards, not only will you unlock access to hundreds of Australia’s top retailers and get something for everyone, but you can also co-brand it with your company’s logo and include a customised video and text message. Bespoke made easy? That’s what we’re talking about.

Digital gift cards that unlock the true freedom of gifting…. 

The perfect present for anyone (yes, even those who “have everything” and are impossible to buy for), our gift cards leave no room for doubts about whether your team or clients will like it, because they’re sure to. Choose a card for a specific brand or opt for one of our GIFTA swap cards, which just might be the world’s most diverse gift.

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We offer swap cards for 7 different categories, so you can pick a card from Travel & Adventure to fuel your team explorer’s next journey with Webjet and RedBalloon, or grab ‘em a shop-fest with the Health & Wellness card that’s got brands like Myer, Sephora, and The Iconic on retainer. Flexibility is a big plus, after all, everybody loves being able to pick the things they want whenever they want it. Loving the idea of digital gift cards but not too sure which category suits your clients best? We’ve got an easy fix for you: spring for GIFTA’s Ultimate Swap Card to give your giftees the freedom to pick from tons of popular retailers like Amazon, Hoyts, Bunnings, and Uber Eats, and swap across any category any time they want.

When you’re looking for the best way to say a hearty “thank you” to the people who matter to your business, what better way to do so than with a fully customised corporate gift card. GIFTA makes corporate gifting a breeze, so let us take care of everything for you. Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and click on “Create Instant Account” to get gifting with us right away. No fuss, and no endless process of steps. We’d love to help clear any doubts you might have, reach out to us here and we’ll be right with you!

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