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Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas

Good campaigns can skyrocket Valentine’s Day sales (spoiler alert: it’s not enough to simply have a campaign). GIFTA’s corporate e-gift cards can help. Find out how now.

Good campaigns can skyrocket Valentine’s Day sales (spoiler alert: it’s not enough to simply have a campaign). GIFTA’s corporate e-gift cards can help. Find out how now.

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that gets celebrated in ways that span the entire spectrum, from lighthearted romantics spending the day on a boat cruise for two to begrudging participants eating and discussing their thoughtful cards. Whatever your opinion, this tradition is a big day for many brands and businesses; a day of increased sales and attracting new customers.

The holidays are arguably the best time to invest time and energy into expanding your customer base for almost guaranteed returns—gifting is a big love language for a reason, and sometimes it’s just that much better to give than to receive.

While the market’s hot, it’s also one of the hottest seasons for marketing campaigns all across the country. With shops and businesses falling over each other to offer the best-discounted products in pretty lovey-dovey packaging, it’s not enough to just jump on the bandwagon.

Pretty much every company publishes their own yearly version of "Best gifts for Valentine’s Day Melbourne" so the question then pivots from pondering the value of V-Day marketing campaigns to finding ways to best execute one in a way that stands out. Understanding and using all of these strategies to your advantage will reap the benefits you’re after in no time.

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1. Hyping up user-generated content

One of the best ways to ensure high levels of engagement with your target audience is always through interaction – a key reason why campaigns like giveaways and competitions work so well. Promote your business this 14th of Feb by running competitions rewarding the most creative photo entries, or hosting giveaways (with your own brand or other brands) in return for social media following.

Not only is this a great way to increase brand awareness, but it’ll also effectively promote your products and can be an activity that drives up excitement around your business. Offering prizes to be won for a “V-Day countdown” is another strategy that works a charm, especially when the prizes are desirable and flexible (think GIFTA’s online gift cards - easy to send and receive, but even easier to use).

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2. Less spending more customers

The classic tried-and-true method for every holiday season, a good sale will motivate your current customer base and help turn more new customers your way than you might think. Promote your offerings with targeted emails (think: spice them up with some Valentine’s Day messages), and advertise related items that’ll just make so much sense to purchase together.

Make your patrons feel even more special and inclined to spend with you by throwing in customized discount offers and incentives for loyal customers. Expressing customer appreciation can be as simple as providing a complimentary Valentine's Day gift card with selected purchases. Custom corporate gift cards from GIFTA make a perfect addition to any corporate gifting repertoire, with options from hundreds of Australia’s top brands, personalized branding, and seasonal designs.

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3. Write a good and (*actually*) specialized V-Day gift guide

  • Giving a good gift is a tall order – and one that usually requires strategising, observation and patience. So what does one do when all of a sudden it’s the week before Valentine’s Day and they’re stuck because they haven’t actually bought anything? This is a more common scenario than many care to admit, and this is when the lost masses turn to Google and “Valentine's day gifts for him/her” guides. This is your cue to write one that’s actually helpful (one good way can be by tapping into real-life resources, interviews, and surveys to find good gift ideas). 
  • Using this knowledge of “last minute shopping syndrome” to your advantage can look like discounted rates on express shipping, reminder emails with delivery cutoff dates and suggested best gift ideas. Writing up a good guide of different gift options for different people is a surefire way to ramp up the traffic to your page (and maybe even show them how your Valentine’s Day sales can help them out in a pinch).

4. Sprinkle a good serve of incentives on the side

Oftentimes additional sales you’ll get will derive from piggybacking off existing purchases rather than trying to obtain brand-new ones each time. Offering additional bonuses like cashback and Australian gift cards with every purchase can work wonders in converting sales that might otherwise have gone elsewhere to your business.

With options like GIFTA’s entirely customisable and scalable corporate gift cards, you can easily offer perks to encourage specific tiers of spending. When you send GIFTA’s gift cards online, you’re sending a sophisticated incentive that knows what its target audience wants – even when they don’t.

Valentine’s Day incentives done in a pinch with GIFTA’s best corporate gift cards are almost too good to be true.

With GIFTA’s corporate-branded gift card offerings, you’ll have an easy gifting strategy that accomplishes everything you want it to: offering value, allowing your customers the freedom to pick their own reward from Australia’s top retailers, and having streamlined tracking and scaling for you and your business.

With a single step, you can set up your very own custom corporate portal to manage all your corporate prepaid cards in a single place—making tracking, delivering, and scaling your corporate e-gift cards a breeze. If you’re looking for a gift that’s as flexible as you need it to be to fit into your changing budget and requirements, GIFTA’s corporate services gift cards with their online and physical options are a perfect choice. Pick from different categories like Travel & Adventure, Pamper, and Pub & Bar, or opt for our ultimate swap card with access to any brand across any category (like Macpac, Airbnb, and Myer) for a gift that’ll work for every type of person out there.

We’ve got a specialized 24/7 support team ready to help you with any questions you might have when you start gifting with our corporate services gift cards. Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and fill out the form to instantly get set up. We’re the best when it comes to rewarding work, and we know you’ll soon see why.

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