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Treat Your Employees Like Customers - GIFTA eGift Cards

Staff deserve your respect, just like customers do. Show your thanks with eGift cards.

Staff deserve your respect, just like customers do. Show your thanks with eGift cards.

Struggling to boost team morale? Looking for ways to improve employee retention rates? Recently, a unique method of thinking has helped employers reframe their team management practices – treating employees as customers. Many employers have observed the link between customer experience and employee experience because a satisfied employee is more likely to provide better customer service.

Who doesn’t like a helpful attendant who cares enough to show you products that solve your problems? Read further for ideas on how to treat your employees like how you would a customer - send a egift card online, eGift cards, rewards and more!

Why & How To Treat Employees Like Customers

1. Spend Less Time Micromanaging

Empower your employees as you do customers with decision-making and flexibility. Oftentimes, experienced employees come up with far better solutions than you because they are on the ground speaking to customers or handling the equipment every day.

In fact, having to wait for your response when they could have solved a minor problem on their own would degrade the customer’s experience. After the initial training period, trust your team to do what’s best for the situation for minor situations.




Happy and satisfied employees also tend to be more productive. When they feel respected and appreciated, they are motivated to perform at their best, leading to increased efficiency and higher-quality work. It might sound counterintuitive but spending less time micromanaging actually makes your business run smoother!

Treat Employees Like Customers

2. Word-of-Mouth Gets You More Quality Employees

Organizations that prioritise well-being and satisfaction tend to attract high-caliber talent because job seekers are attracted to companies with a positive work environment! This leads to a competitive advantage in attracting the best candidates.

Employees make the best word-of-mouth marketers. They will be your number one advocate if they enjoy working for your company. If they love you as an employer, they will recommend other peers to join your company.

Hiring referrals can boost team morale, and referrals tend to be more trustworthy because you know the person who referred them. When your organisation’s reputation is enhanced as an employer of choice, it can improve your employer branding and finally make it more attractive to other potential employees and stakeholders.

3. Valuable Feedback from Employee Beta Launches

Your employees know exactly what customers want and how SOPs can improve to raise company efficiency. They can provide the best feedback before a new product/service launches and gets to the customer. After all, it is better to get employee feedback during a beta or soft launch than from disgruntled customers later on.

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4. Employee Satisfaction Reduces Turnover 

When employees are treated with the same level of care and attention as customers, it enhances their overall job satisfaction. This leads to higher levels of employee engagement, motivation, and loyalty.

Re-training new staff takes up resources and no one likes doing it repeatedly! Keeping staff will save you a lot of effort because constant staff turnover will disrupt the team.

By providing a positive work environment, employee retention rates improve because employees feel valued and supported.




Similarly in business, every businessperson knows that making new customers stay longer is more profitable than focusing on acquiring new customers- apply the same concept to improving your employee experience! Run an employee satisfaction survey every quarter as you would for customers, and ask them regularly about their current projects.

When employees feel valued, this reduces turnover and improves retention. In turn, when you hire new employees to expand your business, this proof of high employee satisfaction and morale will encourage them to stay longer.

5. Willing Employees Boost Team Morale

Sell your hire offers just as you would for a customer! Be open to questions and discussion so your new hire believes in the offering. If you’re in a business that makes the world a better place, educate them on your company’s core values. When they believe wholeheartedly in their role in your team, it will boost team morale a lot more than a person who feels cheated.

Employee Satisfaction eGift Cards

6. Boost Innovation and Creativity at Work 

Treating employees like customers fosters a positive company culture based on respect, trust and open communication. As a result, this creates a supportive and collaborative work environment where every member feels valued and encouraged to contribute their ideas and expertise.

When employees feel valued and empowered, they are more likely to care enough to experiment and put critical thought into their work, ultimately contributing innovative ideas and solutions. By treating employees like customers, you can tap into the diverse perspectives and talents of your team, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

7. Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

Would you rather buy from a helpful, pleasant shop attendant or a grumpy, unhelpful one? When employees experience excellent treatment from their own employers, they are more likely to deliver outstanding customer service - they’re more motivated to keep their job, after all! These employees will understand the value of exceptional service and are more inclined to go the extra mile to meet customer needs.

If you shop often, you’d know that happy employees can make or break the customer experience, especially in the service sector. A pleasant customer experience can be crafted through a helpful employee that asks the right questions and solves a customer’s needs, which first requires an employee motivated enough to care!

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