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How to Create a Successful Employee Recognition Program

Digital Gift Cards are a simple and effective rewards strategy allowing you to recognise the efforts of your workers and reward them in a way that feels personalised to their desires.

Digital Gift Cards are a simple and effective rewards strategy allowing you to recognise the efforts of your workers and reward them in a way that feels personalised to their desires.

In this mundane working world filled with boring office jobs and lengthy working hours it’s easy for employees to fall into a slump of low motivation and a lack of inspiration. As an employer it can be challenging to provide beneficial incentives to keep the spirit of your employees high. However, it is crucial in this day and age to administer an effective incentives program to recognise the hard work of employees. This allows for a deeper relationship to be constructed between workers and the company they work for, which is critical in building a productive workspace. Digital Gift Cards are a simple and effective rewards strategy allowing you to recognise the efforts of your workers and reward them in a way that feels personalised to their desires.

It can be staggering to figure out where to begin when attempting to create a successful employee recognition program for your company, but it doesn’t have to be. The Digital Age we now reside in offers an abundance of resources to support you in creating a functioning incentives program. This includes Digital Corporate Gift Cards for employees that can be customised with video messages and altered to fit your brand. Despite that, it’s still confronting to know where to start. Here are five optimal and practical strategies to assist you in creating a productive rewards program to help strengthen your relationship with your workers.

Digital Corporate Gift Cards for Employees

Promote Employee Productivity and Connection Through Rewards

It’s human nature for people to want to be acknowledged and appreciated for their hard work. As we evolve the basic human need to live a life filled with meaning gives way to a series of questions as to why we do the things we do. Why do I have to spend one third of my life in an unrewarding job? Am I really happy working for a company that leaves me feeling unsatisfied? It can be draining on employees and creates a slump in motivation. Corporate gifting allows you to thank employees for their efforts and is an effective method to build a connection between you and your employees, ultimately promoting productivity. Utilising Corporate Gift Cards is an effortless way to mass thank your workers. Whether you run a small business or have thousands of employees running around Australia we have the Digital Gift Card for you.

Make Recognition the Focus of Your Business

Companies thrive when each individual that contributes their time and efforts are the focal point of every working day. Centre your workplace around recognising the efforts of your employees and watch as their productivity and genuine care for the company skyrockets. For this to be effective there must be some sort of timely recognition that takes place straight after your workers success and hard work. Send digital gift cards to your employees as a quick and easy way to thank them directly after their hard work.

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Corporate Gifting for Promote Employee Productivity and Connection through Rewards

Personalise Your Incentives Program 

Rewarding employees with gift cards is the easiest way to send personalised presents to your workers. Whether you employ a group of thrill seekers with a love for the outdoors, a youngster fuelled by retail therapy or a larger diverse group of individuals across the country, we have the digital gift card for them. Relate to your workers, take the time to understand them and then introduce a reward that makes sense for them. We understand that it’s hard to personalise a gift if you have hundreds of employees spread out across Australia. That’s why GIFTA Swap cards are a great way to personally reward your workers. They can be swapped for hundreds of the best brands. We have something for everyone no matter what their interests are!

Celebrate Every Work Anniversary 

Whilst individual recognition is important, it is also crucial to create traditions in your workplace for everyone to get involved in. Work anniversaries are a constructive way to ensure that no one gets left out of receiving recognition and creates annual workplace celebrations your employees can look forward to. Customise Corporate Gift Cards with your company's branding and a video message thanking your workers as an easy way to send corporate gifts on a wider scale to employees all across Australia.

Rewarding Employees with Gift Cards

Remodel your Rewards Based Around your Company Values

Aligning your rewards program with your company values helps instil a sense of belonging within the employee towards the company. If your company values connection between team members, show them that by creating a rewards program that encourages team members to bond. GIFTA offers a range of gift cards for companies such as Adrenaline and RedBalloon which can be used as an opportunity for team building. In addition, companies are working towards reducing their carbon footprint. Sustainability is a key advantage of using Digital Gift Cards, instead of handing out plastic gift cards that are ultimately harmful to the environment, go environmentally friendly.

GIFTA: The Best Way to Offer Employee Recognition

We can send digital gift cards to your whole team regardless of the size and provide you with everything you need to build a successful rewards program. GIFTA swap cards are redeemable for over 100 brands and can be customised with a video message or designed with your company logo and branding. 

GIFTA is the perfect solution for your employee rewards and recognition program. Get in touch with us today to see how we can boost your existing rewards program or help you build one from scratch.

GIFTA the Best way to Offer Employee Recognition

Custom corporate gifting solutions for your business.

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