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How Different Demographics Prefer To Be Incentivised

One gifting solution to rule them all: GIFTA’s corporate branded gift cards for the Gen-Z, Baby Boomer, and everyone in between. Find out more here.

One gifting solution to rule them all: GIFTA’s corporate branded gift cards for the Gen-Z, Baby Boomer, and everyone in between. Find out more here.

Understanding the desires and interests of people different from you is a commonly overlooked hardship, but one that becomes obviously important when working towards building an incentive program in a diverse community. The current workforce sees around four to five generations working side-by-side, and this makes it all the more crucial to learn the ins and outs of what makes each generation tick.

Typically a company could have graduates fresh out of university, managers who’ve been in the field for longer than anyone can remember, and mid-levels with several years of experience under their belt. Forging an inclusive environment where the unique value each generation brings to the table can flourish is an ideal scenario.

These age groups typically have largely varying interests and pastimes, and this can make for a hard time when finding incentives that will appeal to everyone. Understanding each generation's different needs and perspectives is crucial to forming a versatile recognition program that will keep up with the times for you.

Here we list the key takeaways from each generation and gift ideas that’ll keep your team going, no matter which generation they’re from.

1) Baby Boomers (1946-64)

  • The ambitious and goal-oriented generation, this age group is well motivated by the potential of promotions and advancement “up the ranks”. Being in a position to mentor and guide others is also perceived as an opportunity that’s particularly meaningful to them. In terms of tangible rewards, Boomers tend to gravitate toward the recognition that showcases their hard work (such as managerial job titles, big office spaces and other symbols of success).
  • What to give them: Organise a space for public acknowledgement of their achievements by their peers as a “thank you”. Boomers might also appreciate being gifted more practical items that increase their day-to-day quality of life (think silken pillowcases from Sheridan and massages from Endota Spa). GIFTA’s corporate branded gift cards provide access to all these brands and over a hundred more, and the best part is neither you nor your giftee has to make up your mind right there and then; GIFTA’s Ultimate Swap Card allows them to swap the card value between any brand anytime.

2) Gen X (1965-79)

  • What makes this generation tick is ultimately the allure of a good work-life balance as well as the freedom to plan their own schedule. Rapidly awarded favour-type recognitions to acknowledge their hard work and career progressions are also greatly valued. GIFTA’s custom corporate gift cards allow you to scale and deliver digital gift cards Australia-wide whenever you want, so you can always have a reward at the ready for the next Gen-X who solves your critical issue. For an added touch, we also have physical gift cards to give away in person, and all of our gift cards come with your custom company branding and a personalized greeting.
  • What to give them: Being undeniably hands-on people, there isn’t a more DIY-loving group than this one and having a Bunnings and Total Tools gift card has never sounded more exciting. On the other hand, those who cherish their time spent with the TV or a good book will be thrilled with the Dymocks and Binge options.
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3) Millennials (Gen Y) (1981-96)

  • The generation that cherishes a cycle of continuous feedback and work-life balance, millennial workers are incredibly self-driven, motivated, and know what they want. And what they want is experiences, more stocks, and more time to advocate for the things they hold closest to their heart.
  • What to give them: Workers in this age group would appreciate GIFTA’s Airbnb gift card to help them snag a weekend away, while our Fidira Crypto corporate gift card will be right up their investment alley – perfect to finance said experience.

4) Gen Z (1997-onwards)

  • Though not the majority within the workforce currently, expect Gen-Z’s big arrival in years to come. This generation tends to be fiercely self-driven; working hard and expecting to reap what they sow. Social media and technology-age babies, this age group is often motivated by passion, whether it be to chase after their dreams and hobbies or a passion for social responsibility and justice. Giving Gen-Z’s a space to dream and imagine will satisfy their lust for life in a way that will have them coming back to work a stronger force to be reckoned with than ever.
  • What to give them: Flexibility, perks, and experiences where they can pursue their search for self, purpose, and everything in between. GIFTA’s Travel & Adventure Swap Card is a popular one with this age group, allowing access to the likes of RedBalloon and Adrenaline where corporate gift card ideas transform from silk sheets and carpets to horse riding and fighter jet piloting. More indoor-inclined adventurers will snag themselves a Twitch or Xbox electronic gift card subscription.

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