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The Art of Gifting: Gift Ideas for Creative People

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for artists, or looking to support your children’s inner creativity and need some ideas for budding young artists, read on!

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for artists, or looking to support your children’s inner creativity and need some ideas for budding young artists, read on!

We know we are not encouraged to make sweeping statements, but we are going to go out on a limb here and say this anyway because we think the feeling is universal: Gifting is hard.

It can also be stressful. What if I bought mum an item she will definitely love, only to find out she has just gotten herself the exact same thing last week? Or what if my brother already has everything he wants?

Gifting creatives, on the other hand, come with less worries. You got your sister the same hat she bought herself last week? Fret not, she can personalise the second one with embroideries and acrylic paints. Your friend already has all the cool camera gears he covets? He would definitely need another hard drive to store all of his shoots.

My point is, you can give someone who is creative almost anything without worrying much, simply because they are creatives, they will find a way to make use of what they’re given - it’s their thing. That being said, it still requires some form of thought, because it wouldn’t really make sense to gift a performing artist a new camera lens, right?

So here are a few gift ideas for artists, categorised by the types of intelligence based on their field. Whether you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for artists, or simply looking to support your children’s inner creativity and need some digital gift ideas for young artists, read on!

1. Visual-Spatial Creatives

These include fine artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, painters, photographers, filmmakers, make-up artists, or any other forms of art which end product are to be admired visually.

These artists need the most tools to create. So get something that will boost the artist’s efficiency, range, or convenience. For example, some basic gift ideas for a makeup artist would include a new set of brushes or if you want to be more practical, get a brush cleaner or a make-up organiser.

Gift ideas for digital artists could be blue light glasses to reduce eye strain, or a paperlike screen protector for their drawing tablets.

For fashion designers, unique fabrics and embellishments would be a great addition to their inventory as they experiment with different designs and cuts.

2. Kinesthetic Creatives

Performance artists, carvers, and sculptors create art with their hands and movements. Some of these artists could use some good tools as well! Think chisel sharpeners and throwing wheels for our friends who work with wood or clay sculptures, and protection gear such as knee pads for the dancers.

Thinking beyond physical items, you can also gift your performer friends a few sessions of physiotherapy or massages to give their joints and muscles a break from the constant usage and strain.

3. Musical Creatives

Some of the best gift ideas for musicians are those that allow them to explore different forms of creating their art. Opt for a synthesiser for the more adventurous composers; for the classics, some high-quality strings for our string-instrument friends work too!

4. Linguistic Creatives

Poets, novelists, and people who create art with words are linguistically creative. They’re the easiest people to please with gifts: just get them books. Find out their preferred genre, and get your local bookstore owner to suggest something based on their preferences.

If they appreciate the little things, get them items that will help foster the perfect environment for them as they create magic with their words. A fancy fountain pen for the writer who is into classics and whose ideas flow better with a pen and paper, a vintage typewriter for the retro-loving poets, or a bookish scented candle for those who read digitally at home yet want to feel like they’re in an ancient library surrounded by leather-bound manuscripts.

Now that we’ve nailed down some possible gift ideas for an artistic person, where do we get them? Browsing and combing for unique items in stores could be fun, but it is also quite time consuming, especially when you’re short on time. This is where gift cards come in handy.

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Corporate gift card ideas for your employees

If you’re in the creative industry, you’d want to reward your employees with gifts that encourage their passions.

Certain art supplies and tools can be very niche and hard to source, so naturally the first shopping site that comes to mind is Amazon. Amazon corporate gift cards offer you the most versatility when it comes to product range and shipping availability.

They also come with a wide range of denominations, so even if you're a small agency wanting to buy corporate gift cards for employees without eating into your budget, this is your best bet.

Corporate branded gift cards for business partners

These are just like your normal corporate gift cards, but with a personalised touch. Custom corporate gift cards are a great way to build rapport: it tells your recipients that: (a) We value you as a business partner, and (b) We support your creative ventures by sending you an equally creative gift.

Online gift cards, because creativity should not be bounded by geographical limits

Say you want to support friends you made online who share mutual artistic interests by sending them something that will benefit their artistic pursuits. The problem is they live on the other side of the continent and shipping a card seems pretty excessive. Get an electronic gift card! The steps are fairly easy, just purchase gift cards online, and then send them to your lucky recipients. The perfect gift ideas for an artist friend. It’s also a fantastic present for any age, whether you’re looking for gift ideas for an artistic teenager or an artsy older person.

The same works for corporate gift cards if you’re running a multinational creative agency. Simply design your corporate gift cards online and have them emailed to your employees or business partners overseas. Corporate e-gift cards are also a great way to minimise cost while still being able to encourage teams and build rapport internationally.

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