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Corporate Gift Card Sales Incentives, Bonuses & Commissions

As a business looking to generate steady and significant growth, it is imperative to have a dedicated and well-performing sales team motivated to achieve their goals and surpass targets.

As a business looking to generate steady and significant growth, it is imperative to have a dedicated and well-performing sales team motivated to achieve their goals and surpass targets.

As a business looking to generate steady and significant growth, it is imperative to have a dedicated and well-performing sales team motivated to achieve their goals and surpass targets. Though having self-motivated staff is something that every company strives for, sales incentives have been proven time and time again to be a powerful tool to boost employee morale and performance.

In the past, companies have opted to offer cash incentives to their staff members. This was the common practice for most businesses with satisfactory results. However as we enter a new era of working life, we are seeing a growing emphasis on employee morale and job satisfaction as opposed to monetary rewards.

Your employees want to feel appreciated and acknowledged for their hard work as valued members of your team. The solution? Corporate gift cards as incentives, bonuses and commissions for your sales team.

Corporate Gift Cards for your Employees

The gift of choice with employee gift cards

Employee gift cards can come in a variety of forms, most typically as prepaid gift vouchers with fixed amounts that can be spent with a particular retailer or a variety of select retailers.

Rewarding and recognising your staff’s good work and performance with a corporate eGift card is a meaningful way to show your appreciation without needing to pick out a personal gift for each individual staff member. One of the main benefits of a digital gift card reward is the wide range of products and services that your employee can choose from, while still giving your company the ability to control the specific retailers you wish to spend with.

Instead of an eGift card for a dedicated retailer, you can even take it one step further with a swap card that unlocks hundreds of brands. For example, with the Ultimate GIFTA Swap Card, your recipient has access to all the best brands and has the freedom to choose practical purchases like groceries, food delivery and essentials from Coles, Woolworths, Kmart and Uber Eats. Alternatively, they can decide to treat themselves to a shopping spree from their favourite brands like The Iconic, Rebel, Foot Locker, David Jones and Myer.

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Better yet, they can take inspiration from the long list of amazing brands and enjoy a completely new experience they would have never thought to do. For instance, an Adrenaline or RedBalloon experience, fine dining with Gourmet Traveller, a Flight Centre travel experience or a relaxing spa day with Best Spas & Beauty.

Whatever your employee chooses to spend on, they are bound to get something they will definitely appreciate. Corporate gift cards prove to be an effective sales incentive because employees look forward to a truly unique and exciting experience rather than a simple monetary reward. You can’t go wrong with a digital gift card incentive!

Personalised corporate gifting

Unlike the average physical present, online gift cards stand out with unique customisable options. Corporate digital gift cards can be co-branded and customised with your company’s branding, which includes your distinct brand name, logo and brand colours.

This elevates your employee’s experience of receiving their bonus or commission, as a company-branded gift addressed directly to them allows for a much more personal experience. One that makes your staff feel connected to the company and acknowledged as a genuinely valuable team member.

Personalised Corporate Gifting Solution

GIFTA takes personalisation one step further from customised text messages and co-branded gift cards. GIFTA offers a unique video message feature that enables your department head or CEO of the company to record a personal and genuine thank you message. There’s nothing like kind and supportive words from superiors as an acknowledgement of a job well done.

Digital gift cards for remote teams

Employees working remotely from home has become the new norm. As businesses have grown to adapt to these new circumstances and changes in the workplace, it is essential to continue in our efforts to keep teams connected past state lines. That’s where digital gifting comes in place.

Online eGift cards allow businesses to gift their team across all corners of the country in a matter of milliseconds. Whereas traditional gifting would involve significant wait times for delivery and the potential for gifts to get lost in transit.

Digital gift cards get sent directly to your recipient’s email address and mobile phone via text message, which ensures that the gift arrives safely with your intended recipient.

Digital gift cards for Employees

Get gifting with corporate gift cards

By far one of the best advantages of digital gift cards would be the ability to bulk send thousands of eGift cards in an instance to multiple recipients Australia-wide. With GIFTA’s all-in-one corporate gifting solution, we ensure that our corporate clients enjoy a seamless gifting experience with minimal administration, but maximum control. Upon creating a Corporate Account with GIFTA, you will be set up with your very own personalised Corporate Portal which enables you to bulk add or edit existing orders and schedule your next order with ease.

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