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Celebrate the EOFY

The end of the financial year calls for the perfect opportunity to reward and motivate your employees with digital gift cards.

The end of the financial year calls for the perfect opportunity to reward and motivate your employees with digital gift cards.

The end of the financial year calls for the perfect opportunity to reward and motivate your employees with digital gift cards. If you have a remaining budget to spend or want to invest in your team, gift cards are the perfect option. Easy to send, and even easier to please. Employee gift cards are the most convenient way to send a gift to everyone in your team, no matter if they’re located in the office, working from home or across the country. It will arrive to everyone’s device at the same time and you can even track live delivery and usage so you can capture data and feel secure knowing everyone in your team has received their gift. The end of the financial year is also a stressful time for businesses, meaning employees are pedal to the metal trying to get through the endless amounts of paperwork and tasks. Finish the financial year off right with a generous reward and show your appreciation for everyone’s hard work.

GIFTA takes corporate gifting to the next level with the added focus on personalisation. Customise the gift card with your own corporate branding and logo to reinstate a company focus. Or, add a custom message to your employees to ensure they feel valued. Going digital means you can live without the fear of delivery delays or gifts getting lost in the mail, which means your crew need not have to worry about losing their gift cards. Conveniently saved within the GIFTA App or to their Apple or Google Wallet, gift cards are neatly and safely stored. All gift cards are also valid for at least 3 years, so there’s no rush to get spending. Put it towards a dream holiday, or spend it on a fine dining experience. The choice is yours.

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Digital Gift Card for Employee

The perfect gift that anyone would be happy to receive – the gift of choice. With GIFTA, there’s no further need for stressing over finding the right present. A GIFTA card is a gift like no other, allowing recipients to swap a gift card and shop across hundreds of brands including WoolworthsMyerBunningsHarvey Norman and more. With ample gift card brands to choose from, it’s simple to find a gift that’s right for everyone. A GIFTA card is also flexible. Your team can split a GIFTA card value across multiple brands. It’s the ultimate gift of choice.

We’ve perfected the art of gifting to help workplaces recognise employees and clients in the best way possible. How does it all work? GIFTA does all the background hassle for organising corporate gift cards. Our corporate gifting service allows businesses to send large quantities of gift cards seamlessly and securely. Share the details of the gift card receiver, and we’ll take care of the rest! Get in touch with us today and understand more about incentivising your staff with digital gift cards. Make someone’s day today!

Corporate Gift Card for Employee



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