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Building Trust In Your Team Through Corporate Gifting

Gain team trust with Australian Gift Cards. Foster collaberation with motivated workforce.

Gain team trust with Australian Gift Cards. Foster collaberation with motivated workforce.

Building trust is vital in an organisation. It creates a positive and productive work environment that encourages cooperation, communication, and collaboration among teammates. If you’re wondering how to build trust in a team, read further for more information. Keep a lookout for corporate gifting solutions and Australian Gift Cards by GIFTA!

Part 1: Importance of Building Trust

1. Boosts Productivity 

No one wants their manager breathing down their neck! Micromanaging destroys team morale and employee retention. When enough trust is established in the company, employees are more likely to feel comfortable asking for help, sharing ideas, and pointing out errors.

This improves overall efficiency when healthy frankness is fostered so everyone can complete their tasks in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

When you build trust in virtual teams, productivity shoots up because employees are trusted to make minor decisions like naming a Word document without having to consult their superiors at every turn. 

2. Promotes Collaboration 

When there is trust, employees are more willing to rely on each other on projects, which facilitates the exchange of ideas. A safe and supportive environment encourages teammates to work together, share resources and achieve common goals. Indirectly, this would also increase overall efficiency because people would share knowledge more freely to help others. Encouraging behaviours that build trust in virtual teams, such as recognition, giving credit and gift cards would greatly benefit team morale in the long run.

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3. Increases Team Quality

Virtual team managers: it’s important to focus on how to build trust in virtual teams because your team doesn’t have regular contact like physical teams would. Incidental contact like daily small talk, helping each other in small tasks, etc.

All accumulate to form strong bonds over the years. Without these opportunities for friendships to blossom, employers need to actively host events and create spaces where relationships can happen. When everyone feels included and cared for, they perform better and stay longer.

Unity is strength…and when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

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Part 2: How to Build Trust - Physical & Remote Teams


Working together is the fastest way to get to know someone, so it is one of the best ways to build trust in virtual teams and physical offices! If your business nature allows it, rotate and mix teams up occasionally!

Formally introduce your employee to other departments, then encourage your employees to ask for help whenever needed. Contact and collaboration are aspects needed to build trust in virtual teams. 

2. Give Credit & Acknowledgement

Always give credit where credit is due. Make it a point to find out who did what, so that you can thank them in public. If they did a good job, don’t be afraid to tell them that! Not acknowledging work, or worse - giving the wrong credit - can be detrimental to workplace trust.

Even just simple Amazon corporate gift cards to say a quick thanks can help. You can now buy gift cards online from not just gift card shops but also sites like GIFTA. 

3. Admit Mistakes 

We’re all human and no one likes excuses. Own up if you’ve made a mistake, and be vulnerable with your team. Honesty makes projects run much more efficiently, and being vulnerable enough to admit fault makes your team trust you more.

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4. Communicate Effectively

Be clear and concise, and most importantly, be comfortable with leadership so you can lead your team effectively. Miscommunication causes unnecessary delays and friction within the team, so it is important for employers to set the tone right. Over-communication is always better than under-communication! 

Trust isn’t built overnight, though. Maintain a long-term mindset through honesty and integrity to set the tone for the rest of your organisation, no matter how big or small. 

5. Transparency on all levels

Being transparent and not hoarding information unnecessarily is key to building trust. This could be as simple as explaining the reason for a task given, explaining what you do and why. Your employees would greatly appreciate this because it can be very alienating to be given a task without explanation. Instead of ‘just do it because your boss told you so’, say ‘the reason we're doing this is because it helps…. Xxx’. 

6. Incidental Contact & Acts of Kindness 

Trust is naturally formed through small gestures of kindness, showing that you care. Remember their hobbies, or their child’s name. The 5-minute window before a meeting starts, whether virtual or physical, is a golden opportunity for small talk. Start by asking how their weekend was! As your bond deepens, find out about their hobbies, which will give you gift ideas for later. Send them the best corporate gift cards online from sites like Amazon and GIFTA so they can buy something from their favourite shop!

7. Team Retreats

This is something you’ve definitely heard of. Team retreats offer a chance for the team - both employers and employees - to get together and have some fun away from the office. Ask your team for their preferences, and if it’s a small team, you could easily choose something the majority enjoys. You don’t have to run traditional team building workshops where colleagues come together to build spaghetti towers, you could consider renting out an Airbnb and just play some games! 

8. Team Outings/Gathering

Treat your team to a spa day, or perhaps a celebratory dinner… If you haven’t got the time for retreats, just a quick dinner out with colleagues is a great way to deepen relationships. The key is to be intentional with these events (don’t drag them out too long!) and read the room to see if your team would prefer to go together or spend the gift card with their family instead. Especially when your team is fully virtual, planned monthly gatherings are important so as to make everyone feel included.

Get Creative in Corporate Gifting with GIFTA Digital Gift Cards Australia

If you’re looking to reward your employees, consider online gift cards! This is a simple way to show your gratitude after a project, or to encourage them after a tough day. Now you can build trust in virtual teams even if you don’t see your team physically because you can send a gift card online through corporate gift cards online.

Corporate services gift cards can also be given if you know your employee is going on a trip, e.g. send them a GIFTA electronic gift card for Airbnb to help with their cost. A gift card as a corporate gift, especially when tailored to your employee’s needs, is going to be much more appreciated than a useless gift in corporate gifting settings. 

GIFTA offers corporate gift cards for employees where you can purchase digital gift cards from Australia for merchants operating in Australia.  They can be as customised as you want them to be, depending on how well you know your employee. If they’re adventurous, buy them a gift card for merchants that provide exciting activities. Searching for Australian gift cards online is now more convenient than ever with a user-friendly site for employers to purchase gift cards online for their employees. 

If you’ve learned your team’s hobbies or favourite shops to visit, you can select merchants to include in GIFTA’s corporate gift cards from Australia so they are essentially custom corporate gift cards you can tailor to the recipient.

For more corporate gift card ideas, just scroll through GIFTA’s ever-growing list of merchants such as Airbnb, Xbox and more! GIFTA’s corporate visa gift cards are perfect to foster a culture of giving and trust between employers and employees, employee to employee and even for networking purposes! 

So if you need to buy corporate gift cards, come check out GIFTA’s wide range of corporate branded gift cards, corporate prepaid cards, corporate e-gift cards - we offer something for everyone looking for digital gift cards in Australia!

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