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Best Reward Ideas for Staff End-Of-Year Awards That’ll Go the Extra Mile

We’re in as much disbelief as you: it’s officially the end of another year – and the beginning of all the holiday year-end parties.

We’re in as much disbelief as you: it’s officially the end of another year – and the beginning of all the holiday year-end parties.

We’re in as much disbelief as you: it’s officially the end of another year – and the beginning of all the holiday year-end parties. With end-of-year parties comes the inevitable matter of the awards ceremony. Year-end awards ceremonies are the prime opportunity to recognize your employees in a very public and impactful way that’ll make it matter.

When it comes to rewarding your team, the gift you give is equally as important as the actual recognition itself. Presenting your “Employee of the Year” with a funny trophy makes for a good laugh at the moment, but gets chucked into the drawers before the night is over. If you want an award that’ll make the crowd sit up (and be remembered years down the line), we’ve got the best corporate gift cards for you.

Everyone loves receiving money, but though it’s most definitely effective, it’s also one of the more impersonal routes to take. Up to recently, corporate e-gift cards were seen in the same light, but with GIFTA’s personalized and unique Christmas gift card designs, we can guarantee that it’ll be a gift everyone wants, and no one feels is generic.

Our gift cards are fully customizable which means you can add on a picture, message, and your company’s branding to make it a gift that’s about as personal as it gets. Our custom corporate gift cards present the ultimate recognition solution: on the business end, it’s efficient and seamless to deliver, and on your giftee’s end, our corporate branded gift cards open them up to a world of options – the perfect gift for those who don’t know what they want. With hundreds of Australia’s top retailers, reward your employees by giving them full reign over when, how, and what they want to get.

Don’t worry about not having something to physically hand away on the big night, we’re flexible and know how to move as you need. When you buy corporate gift cards with us, the choice is yours: buy gift cards online or get physical ones shipped to your door.

We try to do our bit for the environment, so our made-to-order physical cards are made with ethically sourced, high-quality paper that’s fully recyclable and much greener than regular plastic ones.

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Need an idea of what sort of gifts your staff can look forward to? We’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorite ideas for employee rewards this year. And the best part yet? With GIFTA, all of them are an option your staff can pick. Best gift cards for Christmas coming right up:

Adventure & Travel Experiences

  • Why we love it: Everyone needs a break from real life every now and then, and there’s no better way to let go and relax than out in nature. There’s something about going out there and exploring what the world has to offer that takes the edge off life.

Thankfully, we’re in Aussie, and that’s basically synonymous with being in the world’s greatest outdoor playground. And who said their adventure has to be within the state? Our Australian gift cards are available country-wide, so your staff can chase those Gold Coast, Tasmania, and Perth dreams.

  • Our top pick: Dolphin kayak tour (Byron Bay)

With experienced instructors, knowledgeable guides, and overall great energy, this is one experience that’ll be a memory to live by. Your giftees will get to see dolphins (and potentially their babies) up close and personal, and this package even offers photos taken throughout so they can completely unplug and not worry about getting a shot for the ‘gram.


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Fun times are better shared:

  • Why we love it: Who says “employee of the year” fun has to only be for the employee? Make this a family-wide treat just in time for the holidays. With heaps of family-friendly activities for the whole crew, spread the joy this holiday season.
  • Our top pick: Attraction passes: A sure winner with the young ones (and the young at heart ones), theme park passes for three days worth of fun across Gold Coast’s best amusement parks is the perfect recipe for a memorable gift that won’t feel at all corporate.


Home office ergonomics:

  • Why we love it: Support your stellar employees by helping them set up the coolest home workstation to WFH. A happy employee is a productive one, so really this is a win-win situation for both of you.
  • Our top picks: Amazon lap desk
    Perfect for those early morning meetings where you’d just rather get work done in bed, this lap desk works a charm for beds, couches, and pretty much anywhere else you’d want to work from. We won’t blame you if you’d want one of these too.
  • Conference mute buttons:
    With the number of meetings and conferences we attend on a daily basis, this is a fun, friendly gift that actually plays a huge role. Quirky without seeming tacky, this is one of our favorite affordable corporate gift card ideas.


Some R&R never hurt anyone:

  • Why we love it: Taking the time out of the day to pamper yourself sometimes seems like life’s finer luxuries – but who said it should be? Sweeten everyday life for your team members and bring the pampering right to them with our corporate prepaid cards.
  • Our top picks: Blyss massages
    The quintessential treat that comes to mind when you think of “indulgence” massages to soothe and wring out the stresses of every day. With our corporate gift cards, your employees can access Blyss massages – the massage service that literally comes to your doorstep.

With trained professionals offering mobile services, your employees can get all sorts of treatment from remedial to aromatherapy and Swedish relaxation right in the comfort of their own homes.

  • Gourmet basket: A literal treat for the stomach and eyes, your staff members can have a blast with gourmet baskets loaded with premium treats like artisan crackers and specialty fudge, all tied up with a neat bow to boot.

We bring the fun: corporate gift cards for employee recognition have never been easier.

When we say our corporate Christmas gift cards are painless, we make sure to deliver. Tracking and managing all your corporate gift cards online is easier than ever with your very own personalized corporate portal – a one-stop shop for everything you’d need from scaling to delivery tracking. All we need to get your corporate portal set up for you is a couple of details via this form on our Corporate Enquiries page.

Our swap cards put us squarely in the “Best gift cards for Christmas and recognition” category because who doesn’t love being able to swap the card value between as many categories or retailers as you’d like? We have swap cards in seven different categories like Health & Wellness, and Travel & Adventure, or we even have our Ultimate Swap Card that’s open across every retailer we have on offer.

Flexibility and freedom are all wrapped up in seconds, ready to be gifted at your end-of-year party. Our cheery limited edition Christmas gift card designs paired with your company’s branding make for a memorable stunner your staff will look forward to each and every year.

We’ve got a specialized 24/7 support team ready to help you with any questions you might have when you start gifting with our electronic gift cards. Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and fill out the form to instantly get set up. Our specialized corporate gift cards for employees ensure you take corporate gifting up a notch. Get gifting with the best, and you’ll see the benefits in no time.

If you’ve got more questions on how to buy gift cards online with us, we’re happy to help!
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