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Best Ways to Retain the Talent & How to Attract The Right Workers

Great talent can be hard to find and even harder to keep – if you’re not ready for it. Find out our top retention methods and how GIFTA’s corporate gift cards work for you.

Great talent can be hard to find and even harder to keep – if you’re not ready for it. Find out our top retention methods and how GIFTA’s corporate gift cards work for you.

Having superior talent works: high-performing staff do the best work and the most work. With top workers on your team, your performance is set to go through the roof – at a more rapid pace than you could typically achieve with more mediocre workers given even double the span of time. The more technically complex the job, the more important it is for your company to invest in attracting and retaining the right talent.

When it comes to grabbing the top percentile, it’s an amazingly stiff competition and one that never, ever lets up. For as long as you want your business to succeed, you’ll find yourself stuck in a seemingly endless war for talent. Great talent is scarce, and as much as that fact is true for your business, it’s equally true for other companies.

This is when businesses' productivity trajectories will begin to improve. Ensuring that your company prioritizes learning is another way to provide professional development opportunities that will work to preserve the talent you have.

Ways to Retain the Talent

1. Encourage referrals and get aggressive with recruitment strategies

  • Being prepped and ready to deal with turnover as it comes is instrumental in securing the stability and productivity of your teams. This means an outward focus in parallel with your inward focus.
  • Referrals are a great way to bridge this gap, offering the unique win-win situation of fast-tracking talent acquisition and incentivising existing team members. Referrals are oftentimes a solid way to gain great leads and should be encouraged generously. Offering a sizeable referral bonus (and maybe even throwing in a corporate prepaid card) can yield returns in close to no time at all.
  • Universities are great harvesting grounds, so getting recruiting teams hands-on and actively spreading awareness on campuses can be a great way to draw stellar talent your way (as soon as they’re free of the uni gates). Providing an interactive way to learn about your company and incorporating contests with desirable prizes can drum up excitement and brand familiarity. Stuck on prizes that’ll resonate with Gen-Z’s soon to make their workforce debut? The Iconic, UberEats, and Rebel Sport are all available when you buy corporate gift cards with GIFTA).

2. Keep compensation competitive - and perks appealing

  • Receiving regular feedback and consistently scaling compensation to match the current market rates. Paying your workers according to the value they provide and the work they do is only one part of the equation in today’s cutthroat environment. Workers also take into account factors such as bonuses, benefits, and work-life balance when considering a new career shift.
  • Incentivising both new and long-standing employees can reap long-term benefits, and here is where a successful employee rewards program might be the key to finding and retaining top talent for your company.
  • GIFTA offers an easy, scalable employee rewards solution with custom corporate gift cards that come preloaded with enticing value (like access to Aussie’s top brands anytime). Corporate gift cards make the perfect incentive for celebrating work anniversaries, goal achievements, and birthdays within the team. Fully flexible and completely personalisable with your company’s custom branding and even a message/video, GIFTA’s Australian gift cards are easy to give and great to receive.

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Encourage referrals and get aggressive with recruitment

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Keep compensation competitive


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