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5 Steps to an Amazing Customer Loyalty Program

Whether it’s a start-up, a tech giant, or a reputable brand name, there are few things more important to businesses than loyal customers.

Whether it’s a start-up, a tech giant, or a reputable brand name, there are few things more important to businesses than loyal customers.

Whether it’s a start-up, a tech giant, or a reputable brand name, there are few things more important to businesses than loyal customers. Tons of companies offer great loyalty programs so it can be hard finding a scheme that suits your business and benefits your customers. For unbeatable loyalty rewards, give your customers the freedom to pick what’s important to them when you send digital gift cards.

The benefits of customer loyalty programs are endless. Existing customers are the superheroes of your business; studies show they’re more likely to try new products, spend more, and refer friends than new customers. 

In today’s market – saturated as it is – competitive edge is very real and very necessary, and oftentimes users need to be incentivised to stay with your business. With competitors vying to give your customers a better offer than the one you’re providing, it’s a must to engage with your customers beyond all-smiles service and great prices. Here are 5 simple ways you can run a successful customer loyalty program.

Offer real value by being generous. 

The most successful loyalty programs are those that are sincerely generous, pulling no punches when it comes to appreciation. Walk the talk – show your regulars how much you appreciate their presence with rewards that’ll match their spendings. An easy idea for perks that’ll seem (almost) too good to be true is digital gift cards. It’s a no-brainer, really: there’s nothing people love more than the chance to pick what they want. When you send digital gift cards, you tap into that innate childlike desire.

Send Digital Gift Cards

 Focus on what your customers value. 

When it comes to loyalty programs, understanding your clientele is key. Keep the focus on your customers and offer bonuses that are tailored to fit what they value and desire. What if there’s a better way than cash incentives to motivate your users while keeping a personal touch? If you’ve got a diverse customer base or are looking to attract a wide audience, purchase corporate gift cards with GIFTA for a one-size-fits-all gift that stays fully customisable.

Offer variety, acknowledge variety.

Make your rewards program fun by offering multiple perks beyond just cashback or discounts on your products. Gift cards are a great way to do this. With GIFTA, customers can redeem their gift cards at hundreds of Australia’s top retailers. Think Amazon, Kathmandu, Uber Eats, eBay, The Iconic, and more.

It’s also effective to acknowledge customers' actions beyond their purchases. When your customers engage with your brand in any way, shape, or form, they’re being loyal customers. So be sure to reward those Instagram comments, Facebook shares, and email subscriptions.

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Customers Redeem their Gift Cards

Stand out from the crowd. 

With email inboxes stacked with rewards and offers, how do you get your customers to notice yours and engage with the rewards you’ve planned? Go the extra mile and give your company a leg up from the rest with a personalised message. When you purchase corporate gift cards with GIFTA, you'll get gift cards with your company’s unique branding and logo, along with a personalised message. You can even include a video message from your team to say, "Thank you". Time to say goodbye to the notion that gift cards are impersonal.

Spread the word!

Ask your staff to promote your perks at counters, announce them with website pop-ups, and include them in newsletters. You can even get customers to spread the word for you through (you guessed it) incentives. Incentivise customers to share your loyalty scheme with friends and family, and you’ll see customers flocking to sign up in no time.

Wondering how customers can redeem your gift cards?

Pick a gift card from an individual retailer, or opt for swap cards that allow customers to swap between a diverse range of brands from your chosen category. GIFTA offers 7 different gift card categories to suit every need.

Redeem your Gift Cards

Foodies will spring for the “Good Food” gift card that unlocks gift cards from Gourmet Traveller and staples like Uber Eats and Doordash. Entertainment-wise, you won’t get better than the all-in-one entertainment card that offers gift cards from the likes of HOYTS cinemas, EB Games, Apple Music, Google Play, and more. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

We know it can be a tough call, and that’s where GIFTA’s Ultimate Swap Card comes in. With the Ultimate Swap Card, you allow your customers to choose from all brands across categories.

How do I start rewarding and purchase corporate gift cards?

GIFTA ensures that you’ll get seamless corporate gifting. Send digital gift cards Australia-wide right from your phone or laptop – fuss-free, just a few simple steps, and you’re done! One-click sets up your corporate portal, personalised just for you. Manage, track, schedule, or send your gift cards all in one place. With our 24/7 support team, it's a cinch to resolve any issues that arise.

Ready to purchase corporate gift cards? Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and click the “Create Instant Account” button to start. If you have more questions on how to send digital gift cards with us, click here and our team will get you sorted!

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